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What To Expect
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SYM Magic Jam
The Society of Young Magicians (SYM) Magic Jam is a special pre-convention event that begins Tuesday, July 12, 1:00 – 5:00 and continues Wednesday, July 13, 9:00 – noon. It is an true learning experience of hands-on training for SYM members and young magicians, age 7 to 17. Taught be SYM leaders and top professional instructors. A free event included with your youth registration for the SAM Indianapolis Convention.


The first impression you have of an S.A.M. Convention is at Registration. We try to make the registration process painless and the staff want to make this convention the best experience for you. We are proud to be the “Friendliest Big Convention” and here, we demonstrate you are not just a number.  The Registration area of the S.A.M. is the location where you first receive your registration packet. Here, you can register for some of our extra events and our staff is always willing to offer any assistance or answer questions. After you pick up your packet, stop by often to share magic, jokes and conversation as this is the place to meet friends.  

New Conventioneer Orientation
If this is the first time you have attended an S.A.M. National Convention, WELCOME! You are invited to attend this informal discussion with Conference Executive, Mark Weidhaas and other convention committee members. We will provide information that will make your experience the most valuable for you, and demonstrate why we are the “Friendliest Big Convention.” We are here to answer your questions. Once you have attended the S.A.M., you will be hooked to return year after year.

The Welcome is our kick-off to the convention. What better way to begin the Society of American Magicians than with a special Flag ceremony, presented by the Marion County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard. Your convention committee will be on hand to give you last minute information, and explain some of the new technologies utilized for your benefit.

Our Magic Dealers, or Exhibitors, offer information and sale of magic props, books, tapes, publications, collectibles and items related to magic and other variety arts. Located in the Harry Kellar Exhibition Hall, plan to spend time one-on-one with the creators of fine magic and support the brick-and-mortar magic shops. Check the board to see when special intimate mini-lectures will be presented in the adjoining Martinka’s Backroom.
The S.A.M. always has a variety of experts to talk about many different magic-related subjects. We strive to provide a balance of different topics. This year, you will learn from Meir Yedid, David Corsaro and Will Fern, Keith Fields, Gene Anderson, Greg Irwin, Christopher hart, Rocco, and Franz Harary.

The S.A.M. Lecture Showcase
The Lecture Showcase offers the opportunity to meet and evaluate a variety of magic club lecturers. The SAM will showcase 13 lecturers over two days. Each will have up to 15 minutes to sell you to hire them. They will present their best material in a condensed presentation. SAM Assembly Booking Chairs will have reserved front row seats and an opportunity to hire these lecturers at the end of the showcase. Presented in our smaller Martinka’s Back Room, space will be limited, so arrive early.
Lecturers presenting at the showcase include:

Kevin Heller: Kevin Heller is one of the hardest working acts in the Fair and Festival market.  His dynamic presentations and high energy get him hired over and over again.  Together with his wife, Robin, he has years of knowledge on how to work in this very demanding market.  Do you know what tricks work in a fair environment?  Kevin will explain all the secrets

Jamahl Keyes: Jamahl Keyes has one of the most unique stage acts in magic.  He combines the music of Broadway with skill of stage magic.  His rubber faced expressions and polished act are always a crowd favorite.  His knowledge of understanding what a lay audience wants along with his master director skills make for a very powerful lecture.
Jeff Sikora: Jeff is the 100th President of the Society of American Magicians.  He performs all across the MIdwest, logging in a few hundred shows a year.  He will share is thinking on performing for family audiences, tips on marketing, and some very cool tricks.  Jeff lives in Omaha Nebraska with his wife Tammy and their ridiculously small psychotic Chihuahua, Daisy.

Dan Garrett: Dan Garrett's new lecture Forward into the Past is a brand new lecture experience filled with magic from Dan's working repertoire of both past and present.  Tricks with coins, knives, paddles, and cards will delight all levels of performers.  There has been a rumor that there is even a grand illusion in this lecture!

Caleb Wiles: If you read Caleb's column in Genii, then you already know he is a very clever guy.  Would you like to learn a coincidence routine that fooled Max Maven?  Would you like to learn a routine that Jack Carpenter called a "Masterpiece"?  Caleb has been on fire in recent years , releasing many very clever tricks into the magic community.  Be prepared to be fooled.

Christian Schenk: Christian is the owner of Card Shark and Phoenix Cards.  Christian has revolutionized the card industry with Phoenix Cards and all the variations and gaffs that go along with them.  He had the busiest table at FISM 2015.  Why, because Christian has an eye for good magic.  Many professional magicians have their props exclusively made by Christian's company.  Great magic done with professional props.

Kosmo: Kosmo is one of the best street performers in the business.  Not only that, but he is also the creator of Reel Magic Magazine and Kozmo Magic.  Kosmo knows how to hold an audience's attention to create moments of amazement and comedy.  His magic is strong and direct.  This is your chance to learn from someone who has spent his life working the street venue.  In fact, he has inspired the next generation of magic street performers.

Sean Scott: Sean is a very busy guy.  He worked for many years at the famous Illusion's Restaurant in Indianapolis.  He performed on Wizard Wars with Penn and Teller and he currently works and lives in Las Vegas.  A consummate creator and thinker, Sean has some very smart tricks.  His ideas will range from working with a substitution trunk all the way to a floating leaf routine.  An audience favorite trick of his is the Red Bull can!

Bob Little: Bob transforms the meeting room into a magic/novelty shop. He offers a potpourri of effects, gags, and bar bets with coins, ropes, large nails, flash string, squeakers, and ribbons. He seems sometimes to come from outer space with his hyperkinetic body language and outlandish discourse, and yet he is chock full  of down-to-earth advice on how to capture an audience's attention and create a thrill at an effect's climactic moment

Bobby Maverick: With over 25 years of performing experience, Bobby Maverick knows what he is talking about. As a street performer and traveling Busker, Bobby has been in virtually any situation imaginable. He's been battle hardened on streets all over the globe and knows how to get a crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. Join us as we take a look deeper in to his craft and wealth of knowledge, you will enjoy his stories as much as his tricks.

Lion Fludd: Lion currently lives in Las Vegas where he has been performing his own show.  Although relatively new to the magic community, Lion has already been performing and lecturing at a few conventions across the United States.  His lecture will include his Rubik's Cube act, some simple yet powerful routines for television, and some solid card work as well.

Nick Lakin: Nick Lakin is a close-up and stand-up performer. He’s won first place in the close-up competition at Magi-Fest and has opened for such acts as Charlie Daniels Band, Jan and Dean, Crystal Gayle, Sawyer Brown, and The Association. One of his commercial effects, Cereal Killer, has earned him praise from fellow magicians for it’s powerful climax and ease of performance.  Nick will cover magic from cards to mentalism.
Martin Cox: Martin has been a professional entertainer for over twenty five years and has performed all over the world, from the Winter Gardens Blackpool to the world famous Magic Castle.  His outrageous performance style and quick wit leave audiences in fits of laughter.  Martin's new lecture titled, "Five", will cover everything from tricks, stage personality, and the power of performance.  

There are 4 professional shows at the Indy SAM Convention. They will be presented in the Houdini Theater on the second floor of the Indianapolis Marriot Downtown. Our Show Producer, Mike Miller, PNP and our Stage Manager, Steven Kline, are excited to present the best talent from around the world.
You will be required to present your show ticket upon entrance to the theater. This year, we will have reserved seating for conventioneers, and open seating for the public. Tickets are available to the public for $25 per show. If you wish to be with your family, purchase your extra tickets at the same time you register. We always encourage registrants to register early for best seating. Our Gala Shows this year include:

The Magic of Michigan. Featuring Gene Anderson, Keith Stickley, Stewart MacDonald, Keith Fields, and . All of these performers reside in Michigan.

The Transformation of Vaudeville.  Magic and allied arts are featured and presented by Rocco, David Corsaro, Will Fern, Greg Irwin, Viktoria Grimmy, and Michael Dubois.

The Jersey Boys Professional Close-up Show. The very best close-up workers all from new Jersey include David Corsaro, Rocco Silano, Kevin Bethea, Will Fern, Meir Yedid, and Joe Rindfleisch.

Gala Hank Moorehouse Tribute Show. Hank Moorehouse, PNP was the S.A.M. show producer for many years, including the last time the S.A.M. was in Indianapolis in 1992. It has been documented by several people, that the 1992 SAM Saturday night show was the best convention show produced in modern  recollection. We dedicate this year’s show to his memory. Our performers include Mike Caveney, Tina Lenert, Martin Cox, Christopher Hart, Harrison Greenbaum, David Kaplan, and Kevin Heller and Robin.   

Stars of Tomorrow – Close-up
One hour before each evenings stage show, arrive in the lobby and witness the best young magicians from ages 7-17 perform in an up-close setting. Stars of Tomorrow close-up producer, Arlen Solomon is pleased to announce that this year’s close-up performers are:
Geno Ploeger, 11 years old from Hartland, Wisconsin
Aaron Liss, 15 years old from Silver Spring, Maryland
Andre Novak, 14 years old from Indianapolis, Indiana
Jake Strong, 15 years old from Medford Lakes, New Jersey
Charlie Dillon, 13 years old from New York, New York
Christian Au, 16 years old from Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada

The S.A.M. Table-Hoppers Magic Championship
Calling all restaurant workers! The S.A.M. is challenging you to our inaugural restaurant workers competition. Champions Bar and Grill is located on the ground floor of the convention hotel, and will offer specialty magic-themed beverages and daily specials until 1:00 AM.

But, between 5:30 and 6:30 nightly, 4 different performers (12 total) will compete for the chance to call themselves the 2016 S.A.M. Table-Side Magic Champion. Conventioneers will pack Champions to cheer you on to be a champion. The top performer chosen by our secret judges may receive a performance contract at the future 2019 S.A.M. Las Vegas Convention. Plus, you can participate in our People's Choice award. At registration, you will receive play money to be used to “tip” our performers. The performer with the most tips will win.

The competition is open to S.A.M. Members registered for the convention, only. Sign up when you arrive at convention registration.

Join us to meet the stars. You will receive a commemorative poster featuring all the convention Stars. They will be available to greet you and autograph your poster. Many of the performers from the first 2 days will attend the first autograph session, but bring your poster back to the 2nd session to get the rest of the autographs.

Invisible Lodge
The Invisible Lodge is the annual meeting of SAM members who are also members of the Masonic Lodge of Freemasonry. Please seek out one of their members for more information on attending.

Alternate Events
Too much magic? Or perhaps your family wants to see what Indianapolis has to offer. We have several programs that will meet this need.

Indy Museum Tour: all within several blocks of the Convention Hotel. Learn about each and detailed directions and maps provided.

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. The exhibits displayed in this museum illustrate various aspects of life in America's Wild West. A number of the works bear the names of such renowned artists as Georgia O'Keeffe and Frederick Remington.

Indiana State Museum. Help Indiana celebrate its 200th year. Located in White River State Park, this museum brings the past to life with its exhibits on Indiana history, from pre-historic times to present. It also includes displays that explore nature, the arts, science and culture.

Indianapolis Museum of Art. Set amid beautifully landscaped grounds, this fascinating museum treats visitors to a variety of African, Asian and European works and artifacts. Among its holdings are Native American and South Pacific art, decorative items that date to the 14th century, textiles and rugs, contemporary art, and prints, drawings and photography.
Indianan World War Memorial. Dominating the five-block picturesque setting of War Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana World War Memorial sits 210 feet above street level. This mausoleum-style limestone and marble memorial pays homage to Hoosiers killed during the war and also houses a 30,000 square foot museum that portrays American military history from the Revolutionary War to present day.

NCAA Hall of Champions. Boasts two-levels of interactive exhibits to engage visitors and create a true-to-life understanding of what it takes to make the grade. Arena, on the first level, all 24 NCAA sports are represented and include a novice to historian trivial challenge, current team rankings, video highlights, and artifacts donated from colleges around the nation. Play, on the second level, is a fully interactive area to compete virtually and hands-on through sports simulators, a 1930s retro gymnasium, ski simulator and more.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.Having just completed its 100th race, you can explore the rich history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Auto Racing! The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, located five miles northwest of downtown Indianapolis on the grounds of the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is recognized as one of the most highly visible museums in the world devoted to automobiles and auto racing.

The Annual Council Meeting of the Society of American Magicians.
All members are encouraged to attend the annual business meeting of the Society. See and participate in the future planning of our 114 year old organization.

SAM Contest of Magic Experience
We've added much more than the word "experience" to the contest. We're focused on making this the best experience for contestants and all those attending the convention. Contestants are important performers in our convention and will be treated as such. Prizes will not be limited to the traditional S.A.M. scoring system either, in fact there will be nothing traditional about the prizes.  We'd like to have some secrets so the details on prizes will be announced at the convention.

The Experience is comprised of the Fr. Cyprian Murray Stage Contest and the Dr. Paul Critelli Close-Up Contest, both limited to 5 contestants.

Joe Rindfleisch – Rubber band hands on workshop
At registration, you will receive some special rubber bands. Bring these to the Friday afternoon workshop to learn from the best. Suitable for beginners and challenging for experts. Joe Rindfleisch is known as a pioneer in the field of rubber band magic.  His new rubber band effects are visual foolers and have helped to revitalize the interest in rubber band magic.  In addition, Joe has traveled the world teaching not only his incredible rubber band effects but also hundreds of published close-up effects using cards and coins.  Joe received a standing ovation at the 2016 4F invitation only convention and after you see his performance and workshop, you will understand why.
Jamie D. Grant – Scenic 52 Mneumonic Deck Workshop
Over the course of an hour, you will see infectious energy of Jamie D. Grant and learn his system for a memorized deck. Imagine being able to memorize the order of a shuffled deck of cards, in under a single minute! Not only will you be able to memorize and recall the shuffled order but there is something else: You'll know their locations! You'll be able to know what card is at any location named! What is the 39th card? You'll know in an instant. This is real magic!!
Bruce Kalver, PNP – Tech Talk
An annual event at the SAM convention is Bruce’s discussion of the latest gizmos and gadgets that can make you a better performer. Straight from the M-U-M column, but live. Suggestions and questions from the audience will create a unique program filled with valuable gems.

Presto Indy Canal Fun Run
The SYM is sponsoring THE PRESTO INDY CANAL FUN RUN, a walk and run event for youth and
adults, families and individuals, as part of an initiative to promote fitness for youth in magic. Join us early Friday morning and enjoy the company of your compeers and the beautiful Indianapolis Canal, located just a few blocks from the Downtown Marriott. Go at your own pace and select one of the 3 courses right for you – 1 mile, 2 miles or 3 miles. The course is clearly marked. Please pre-register for $20 (Free for SYM members).   

SAM Future Planning Recap

Earlier this year, the SAM performed an online survey of all of its members. Over 1,000 members participated. Join your leaders as they discuss the results of the survey and what they mean to the direction of the future of the S.A.M.

A Conversation with Stan Allen

By any measure, Stan Allen is one of the most influential figures in magic over the past 50 years. Performer, publisher, entrepreneur, he has touched the lives of every S.A.M. member. Stan Allen is the S.A.M. 2016 Convention Honoree. Join Mike Caveney as we present an intimate conversation with an S.A.M. friend.  

Stars of Tomorrow - Stage

The Stars of Tomorrow show highlights some of the best up-and-coming magicians from ages 7-17.  This show, a highlight for over 20 years at the Society of American Magicians’ annual convention, has featured magicians liked AGT’s recent top winner, Matt Franco, Megan Knowles-Bacon, David Boyd, Trigg Watson, Krystyn Lambert, and current stage show producer, Kayla Drescher.  Come check out the future of magic at the Stars of Tomorrow Show!

This year’s stage stars include Tucker Rudo, Reisterstown, MD; Anastasia Dziekan, North Wales, PA; Derek DuBois, North Andover, MA; Ava Byers, Coppell, TX; and Jake Lundgren, Pickerington, OH.

Magic Circle Tea Reception

The Magic Circle, located in London, was formed in 1905, just 3 years after the S.A.M.’s beginnings in Martinka’s Backroom. Members of The Magic Circle are invited to an afternoon tea reception. Through the marvels of technology, Deputy for the United Kingdom, Mandy Davis, will present some surprises on the other side of the pond. TMC President, Scott Penrose, MIMC will also stop by. If you have an interest in joining The Magic Circle, you too are invited.  

Late Night Adult Comedy (over 17 only)
This late night show is for adults only. This show is for those who are not easily offended and love to laugh. Harrison Greenbaum is one of stand-up's hottest rising stars. He is, without a doubt, one of the most unique acts you'll ever see. You m ay recognize him from NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Life Member Breakfast
Compeers who are Life Members of the S.A.M. are invited to attend this special breakfast. There will be good food and good conversation with friends. This year, we will have a special speaker: Meir Yedid.

SAM Awards: Contest and SAM

Who will win the S.A.M. Close-up and Stage contests? Find out and see who gets other contract prizes for their outstanding performance. Several other presentations will be made including the S.A.M. Heroism and Patriots Award, Assembly Growth Awards,  S.A.M. Humanitarian Award, the  Compagna Award, and the Cheri Kay Youth Award.

Milestone Celebration Event
Compeers who have reached 5-, 10-, 15-, 25-, 35-, 50-, or 50+-year membership milestones will receive an invitation at registration to attend this event. The S.A.M. wants to honor you and your commitment to membership with this free reception. Several surprise guests will greet you.

Banquet with the Stars
Throughout the history of the S.A.M., the annual banquet is a special event to let compeers dress up and celebrate our membership. Photos from past banquets always include a who’s who of magic. This year will be no different. Many of our performers have been invited to attend and you can be a guest at their table.
Come early to the cocktail reception. Group photos will be encouraged and we invite all new members of the Society (1 year or less) to meet the National President, David Bowers and President-Elect Jeff Sikora.
The Banquet is an extra-cost event ($70 required by Wednesday, July 13).

The S.A.M. Past National Presidents Present: a Farewell Party
The S.A.M. Convention has a resource no other convention can claim: almost 20 Past National President's (PNP's) available to discuss MAGIC with you. Last year, these PNP's opened the convention with a fantastic show that was a highlight of the week.

This year, our PNP's will close the convention with "The S.A.M. Past National Presidents Present: a Farewell Party." After our final Gala Show, the Hank Moorehouse Tribute Show, join us for one last chance to gather with all your friends (until next year, of course).

The PNP's will be on hand to celebrate with our members and the completion of our 88th Annual Convention. Our newest PNP, David Bowers, will lead us in a toast to our new Most Illustrious National President, Jeff Sikora.

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